Birra contadina® is not just our trademark, or a genuine quality brand, but a lifestyle choice, an ethical awareness, a production philosophy. An opportunity, to be lived despite our awareness of limitations. In the first place, birra Contadina has an entirely in-house supply chain and cannot disregard the variability of production. Every cereal field, every agricultural year, every malting cycle and every time that we brew beer present some peculiarities that lead to the constant variability of the product his variability is not typical of many artisanal productions, which take advantage of the use of raw materials of industrial origin, such as malts, or hops from different parts of the globe. Therefore, they can always be purchased exactly as required in the recipe.

Producing birra contadina® means being aware of not being able to produce all the beers that you would like, or that consumers want: the fruit of our fields is the only resource from which to start, with a broad but not enormous potential, which finds a vast range of possibilities of transformations, albeit with the technological limitations that an artisan plant imposes. This choice pays off by guaranteeing complete and constant control over every step of production, from the field to the bottle, without intermediaries and without intermediate steps. A choice that makes the first “worker” of our productions be nature.

An important aspect to complete the philosophy of our Birra Contadina® is also linked to the entrepreneurial choice to invest in all-Italian technology. Every plant, all the equipment, from the seeder, to the barley storage silos, from the malthouse, to the fermenters, to the bottling machine, as well as the bottles and labels are made and produced in Italy. This choice is not obvious, albeit expensive, but becomes part of the concept of Birra Contadina® quality, of its bond of trust with people and of its roots in the territory.

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